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"Illusion" is a project that was born in a Serbian city of Pancevo located near the capitol of Serbia - Belgrade. The first idea of this project was to represent Pancevo's demo bands, DJs & Rap artists. In the meanwhile a few things have changed... "Illusion project" is now located in Bogotá (Colombia) operating as an independent record label of experimental electronic music genres. The founder of "illp" Aleksandar Narancic met up with Juan Manuel Medina and they gave the whole story another dimension upgrading it to a label that is about to release tunes for free following the methodology "L'art pour l'art".


Counterfate - The interview

illusion project:
So, tell me how long is "Counterfate" existing on Pancevo's alternative music scene?
Counterfate: We've been on the scene as Counterfate for about 6 months but before this band there was a band called "The Bitch Slap Rapperz" which was the beginning of Counterfate.

ill p:
How would you describe your music and lyrics? 
cf: We always try to make the music identify with the lyrics. Our music is pretty hard but melodic, nice "jumpy" riffs and melodic choruses. The lyrics are mainly about how society survives in the world, how people depend on politics and on other people, drugs, the night life of teenagers etc... We mostly write about people and their relations.

ill p:
Can you tell us a few words about you EP? 
cf: We started recording it in April and finished somewhere mid-July. The EP was produced, mixed and recorded by Stefan Gacesa and the cover for the CD was done by Marko Tulic and Stasa Bukmirovic. It was really fun and a great new experience, but also really hard at some points. Everything, fortunately, worked out great and we're really happy with the outcome.

ill p:
What is your view of the everyday struggle indie musicians have?
cf: It's pretty hard, of course. But that's the fun of it, I guess. The more you struggle the better you'll feel when something big happens! We can't wait until our next gig, rehearsal or interview.. It's really exciting and we have a lot of fun. The biggest problem is the country we live in. It doesn't really support indie musicians and that's the biggest problem. We would love to get something more out of the place we live in but for now we have to manage. Unfortunately there are a lot of good bands in Serbia but it's really, really hard to break through.

ill p:
What are your plans for the close future?
cf: Well, I guess we just like playing for ourselves and the people that come to listen. We're booking as many gigs as possible and working on songs. Our next plan is to finish two new songs we've been working on and try to book a gig outside of Pancevo.

ill p:
Thank you for your time, end for the end say something to all indie bands, musicians, producers, DJ's...
cf: Just do your thing and work as hard as you can!


EP download

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