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"Illusion" is a project that was born in a Serbian city of Pancevo located near the capitol of Serbia - Belgrade. The first idea of this project was to represent Pancevo's demo bands, DJs & Rap artists. In the meanwhile a few things have changed... "Illusion project" is now located in Bogotá (Colombia) operating as an independent record label of experimental electronic music genres. The founder of "illp" Aleksandar Narancic met up with Juan Manuel Medina and they gave the whole story another dimension upgrading it to a label that is about to release tunes for free following the methodology "L'art pour l'art".


Be-nice records USA

Illusion project:
Could you introduce us with the label for the beginning?

be-nice records USA: In the beginning, be-nice records USA, was originally created as the Official Platform for the releases produced by the Label’s owner (dj: be-nice USA).  In late 2010, our Label’s owner decided to open up the Label to receive Demos from New & Talented Unsigned Producers, DJs, and Recording Artists from around The World, in order that these individuals if accepted by our Label, would have a chance to release their Track (s) to The World, that they more than likely would not be able to do on another Label, because they did not have a Big Name. Since January/01/2011, the Label has been receiving hundreds of Demos daily, and many have been released on our Label, as well as are waiting to be released. We have many projects in the works, and are diligently striving to obtain what we feel, are Tracks that “The World” Needs to Hear. be-nice records USA is not only a Label, we are The “be-nice” Family, protecting our Producers, DJs, and Recording Artists from the unfairness and politics that many other entities often utilize, in their decision making. Bottom Line – We have Morals & Standards, that have made our Label what it is Today, Tomorrow, and in The Future, and we refuse to accept nothing less from anyone who is, or may become signed to our Label.

Ill p:

What musical genres do you usually release?

bnr USA: Various Styles of House, Minimal, Tech, Dubstep, Electro, Techno, Trance, Drum & Bass, Trip Hop, Ambient , & More. For updates please visit www.be-niceUSA.com

Ill p:

Illusion project is all about promoting underground artists all around the world, so the question is what do you think of the underground electronic music scene worldwide?

bnr USA: The Underground Electronic Scene is obviously different, depending on where you are in The World. Countries that do have an Underground Electronic Scene, usually bring about The Best in any individual partaking in The Scene, whether they are The Person or Group producing the music, they are a civilian attending an Underground Event, or they are enjoying an Underground Track on their mp3 player, the radio, etc. |  be-nice records USA supports The Underground Electronic Scene World-Wide 100%

Ill p:

How many artists do you have on the label at this moment and what are the genres they play?

bnr USA: be-nice records USA, currently has 24 Producers, DJs, and Recording Artists signed to our Label. Our DJs signed to our Label, usually play the genres of music they produce, as well as other dance music genres, depending on the event. We are also in the process of signing contracts with additional Producers, DJs, and Recording Artists. For updates please visit www.be-niceUSA.com

Ill p:

Could you reveal us a few secrets about the forthcoming releases?

bnr USA: Forthcoming Releases on be-nice records USA include: Submassive – “Station” which hosts Dubstep, Drum & Bass, and Trip Hop in one Track.  Also, T.S.H – “Electrolize 2011” which is The Official Theme Song for The Popular “Electrolize 2011” Festival @ Kühlhouse, Bremerhaven on July/09/2011.  Another be-nice records USA secret is, Chemical Language – “Chemical Language EP” which will include five tracks. Daji Screw, also has multiple Tracks coming up for Release in 2011, that will definately \\\\\\\ SHAKE THE WORLD ///////, Plus much more :) For updates please visit www.be-niceUSA.com

Ill p:

What is, by your opinion, the one thing that connects all of the artists in Be-nice records?

bnr USA: We would have to say that Our Motto is very well understood by all our Talent signed to our Label, which makes them Strive To Be The Best They Can Be, thus connecting each of our Artists, DJs, and Producers, in no particular order, together with each other, as The “be-nice” Family.

Ill p:

Is there anything that you would like to tell to all these new, indie, electronic producers who are at their very beginnings in the music world?

bnr USA: Yes, there a few very important pieces of advise we will give. The first being, if you want to get signed to a Specific Label, just keep sending your Demos to that Specific Label. Second, if and when you do get signed to a Label, promote your music to “Everyone”. Third, only venture into this music business, if you are ready, as most people are not ready for the total commitment, because their mindset is that they will become rich and famous without doing any of the promotion themselves. Finally, make sure you are doing your best to Eat Organic Foods, and Get the proper amount of Exercise & Sleep, as you will need it, for your Musical Journey.

Ill p:

Whats the motto of Be-nice records USA for the end?

bnr USA: Our Motto: We Are About 100% EQUAL TRUST & RESPECT With Any Artist, Producer or DJ, That Signs To Our Label !!!!!!!!!

Peace, Illusion

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