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"Illusion" is a project that was born in a Serbian city of Pancevo located near the capitol of Serbia - Belgrade. The first idea of this project was to represent Pancevo's demo bands, DJs & Rap artists. In the meanwhile a few things have changed... "Illusion project" is now located in Bogotá (Colombia) operating as an independent record label of experimental electronic music genres. The founder of "illp" Aleksandar Narancic met up with Juan Manuel Medina and they gave the whole story another dimension upgrading it to a label that is about to release tunes for free following the methodology "L'art pour l'art".


Illusion reviewed

Sava Marinkovic - Nowhere near

A long time ago when music still used to be a place of inner peace and harmony instead of diversity and social pleasure, this album would be received with a lot of joy and happiness. “Nowhere near” is a peace of art levitating, and progressing from pure ambient crystals like “Argemon” and “Taste Of Rust” to tracks slightly darker “Self-Neglect” and “Fragmented Life” that are pushing us into a hollow space of modern melancholia. The last that I am going to mention is the track “Nowhere Near” probably the most complete of them all as it takes us to a ride trough various genres and various styles and sub-styles, trough very distinct musical worlds. On this album we are going to meet the direct influences of the artist  Sava Marinkovic, we are going to listen once again to our favorite musicians of Ambient, Downtempo and Post-rock that have been forgotten a long time ago. I personally can say that music as the one from “Nowhere Near” is the reason why I started to make music, it’s perfect, clean, impeccable and beautiful!

Technically I found this album to be one of the most ear-friendly releases that came out in a really long period of time. Finally something that is not super compressed to the roof. All credits go to Slobodan Rekovic and his outstanding mixdown/mastering skills.

This artwork is more than a simple recommend, it is a must-listen for everybody that wants to taste the bitter and the sweet of musical perfection put together in 5 songs that WILL leave you without words.

Thanks once again to Sava Marinkovic and Acustronica for this jewel as my final note would be a 4.7/5.

Album reviewed by Aleksandar Narancic (Inbassive, Fractal records, DNBC records, Illusion project, Submassive introduces, Inbassive)

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  1. Анониман25.3.13. 18:18

    Outstandig music, great review! Well done Sava and Sale.

    Editor K.

    Big up from Panchevo, Serbia.