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"Illusion" is a project that was born in a Serbian city of Pancevo located near the capitol of Serbia - Belgrade. The first idea of this project was to represent Pancevo's demo bands, DJs & Rap artists. In the meanwhile a few things have changed... "Illusion project" is now located in Bogotá (Colombia) operating as an independent record label of experimental electronic music genres. The founder of "illp" Aleksandar Narancic met up with Juan Manuel Medina and they gave the whole story another dimension upgrading it to a label that is about to release tunes for free following the methodology "L'art pour l'art".



DNBCentrala is a site that promotes drum'n'bass in Serbia and serbian drum'n'bass to the world. Very enthusiastic dnb fans, DJs and producers are sharing their ideas, news and music making i serbias biggest dnb portal.


Peace, Illusion

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